Tuition Policies, Terms, and Conditions

The following terms and conditions regulate the conduct of business between Advanced Computer Training, Inc., hereinafter named ACT, and individuals attending or having attended ACT professional training classes (Students) or individuals applying for admission to said classes (Applicants).

  • Admission: Prior to admission, the Applicant has to pass a test and/or go through an interview with an ACT representative. ACT reserves the right to reject admission of any Applicant based on the result of the interview and/or test. After ACT notifies the Applicant of his/her acceptance, the Applicant has to submit an Application form along with the registration fee payment. The Applicant is considered enrolled for the class once ACT clears the payment and notifies the Applicant of his/her admission. ACT reserves the right to cancel the Applicant's admission at any time. In this case, ACT will fully reimburse the Student tuition and all additional fees paid.
  • Tuition Fees: Tuition fees are published in the Course Catalog/Schedule. Tuition Fees are subject to change without notice. Published tuition fees do not include the mandatory non-refundable $50 registration fee, which is due when Student submits the application. The published fees are not guaranteed until the registration fee is paid. The tuition fee in full is due one week before the class begins unless the Student chooses to use the Installment Payment Plan option. Payments should be made by check, money order, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash. There will be $20 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds. There will be a late payment fee of 20% for overdue balances calculated on a daily basis. Students with overdue balances will not have access to the ACT facilities until the balance is paid. Tuition fees include manuals, handouts and other class materials required for the course. Additional recommended books and materials are not included in tuition fees.
  • Class Organization: Catalogs/Schedules provide descriptions on courses coverage and duration in class hours. ACT considers a class hour to be fifty minutes in length. ACT can change the content of the course and break down of class hours by topics within the number of class hours specified by the Schedule. For on-coming and on-going classes, ACT reserves the right to assign and re-assign instructors, tutors, classrooms, class schedules, workstations and computers at any time.
  • Class Start and End Dates: The Schedule provides start and end dates for the scheduled classes. ACT can postpone the beginning of a class for up to three weeks. If the class does not start within three weeks after the initially scheduled published day for which the Student was admitted, the Student can cancel his enrolment by notifying ACT in writing. In this case ACT will refund the Student all the fees rendered, including tuition, admission and payment plan administration fees. If ACT does not complete the started class within three months of the initially scheduled published end day for which the Student was admitted, the Student can cancel his participation in the class by notifying ACT in writing. In this case ACT will refund the Student the prorated portion of the tuition fees for the remaining class hours which were not completed. The Student agrees not to hold ACT liable for any additional costs associated with cancellation of Student's participation in the class.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Option: After successful graduation from an ACT program the Student can be offered employment/contract with Systegration. Employment/contract is optional and is not guaranteed. If within two years after completion of the course, the Student is being employed by and/or works on a Systegration contract for six months or 1,000 billable hours (whichever comes first), ACT will reimburse the Student 100% of his/her tuition fees paid for the class taken with ACT. If the Student is placed on assignment as a coop/intern student, that time is not being included in the six months/1,000 billable hours term.
  • Installment Payment Plan: The Student can make tuition fee payments in three equal installments, with a first payment due one week before the class starts; the second payment due thirty days after the class begins; the third payment due sixty days after class begins. No interest will be charged. However, there will be a one-time non-refundable $45 administration fee which is due with the first payment.
  • Early Registration Fee Option: For those classes that have an early registration fee option, the student is eligible to pay the early registration fee if he/she renders full payment (if the Installment Payment Plan option is chosen, the first scheduled payment) two weeks before the class scheduled date.
  • Money Back Guarantee Terms: If the Student is not satisfied for any reason, he/she can drop the course during the first two weeks after the course starts. In this case, ACT will refund 80% of the tuition fee (20% of the course published tuition fee will be retained by ACT). Two weeks from the start date of the course there will be no refunds and the Student owes ACT the entire balance according to hi/her Application Form.
  • Class repetition and lab access: After the completion of the course, the Student may repeat a previously completed course within twelve months after the completion of the initial course for free provided that the course is being offered and space is available (hands-on training is not guaranteed). Application for the repeating class should be submitted by the Student in the same manner as described above; classes repeat subject to the ACT's approval. Students will have free access to ACT labs for twelve months after completion of the Course according to approved schedules.
  • It is the Student's responsibility to attend the classes: If Student misses more than 25% of the class because of illness or other similar circumstances, he/she can request transfer to another scheduled class to make the balance of course hours (subject to class space availability). Additional class hours should be taken within six months of the original class' completion date.
  • The Student and ACT agree that they may enter into a mutual agreement which allows the Student to hire, retain services or provide job placement services of ACT/Systegration students or employees and/or subcontractors. In the absence of such an agreement Students agree that for the term of their tuition and for a period one year after its termination they shall not hire or retain any services of, directly or indirectly, students, employees or subcontractors of ACT and Systegration or perspective employees or subcontractors or solicit those services either directly or on behalf of the third party.
  • All the information, excluding the information obtained in the presented course curriculum, is considered to be proprietary information of ACT/Systegration. The Student agrees not to disclose such information to any third party. This includes but not limited to such information as data; business practices; names of employees, students, customers, clients and third party entities affiliated with ACT/Systegration; materials, software and system specifications obtained beyond the course curriculum.
  • The Student shall indemnify and hold harmless ACT and its business partners from and against all loss, claim, damage, penalty, cost and expense caused by the negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct or intentional acts of omissions of that ACT and its partners as well as theirs employees, arising out of the performance or nonperformance of that ACT and its partners obligation under this Agreement.
  • Students are to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for the business/educational institution and according ACT rules and regulations. Students involved in obstruction/disruption of training/business activities, theft or damage of ACT property, other misconduct, violating ACT rules and regulations or with tuition fee balances overdue for more than 30 days will be subject to dismissal and no refunds will be issued.