QA/Software Testing

Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Performance Analysis

Program Modules:

Code Program Title Class Hrs
  Software Testing Programs  
QAFUND  Software Testing Fundamentals and Methodology 40
QACERTT  Certified Software Tester 20
QACERTA  Certified Associate in Software Testing 20
  Automated Testing using HP/Mercury & Selenium Products Programs
QAQC  Test Process Management using Quality Center 24
QAQTP11  Introduction to Automated Software Testing using QTP 28
QAQTP22  Automated Software Testing with QTP Intermediate 28
QAQTP33  Automated Software Testing with QTP Advanced 24
QAQTP13  Automated Software Testing with QTP 80
QALR11  Introduction to Performance Testing and Scripting with Performance Center / LoadRunner 24
QALR12  Performance Testing with Performance Center / LoadRunner 48
QS  Test Automation Using Selenium 48


Combined Programs and Testing for Web Programs

Any modules/programs on the ACT curriculum could be combined together based upon candidate’s interest, qualification and prerequisites*. However, for course management purposes, a number of modules were packaged together in preset programs. Programs Testing for Web Applications include combination of QA and EC modules. Programs fees could include CPS exam fees** and computer equipment.*

Candidates enrolling in subsequent modules/programs receive 20% discount of the tuition fee for next modules/programs (fees for the module/program should be not higher than fees of the original module; otherwise, discount is calculated based upon the price of lowest priced module/program). ** One program module can be substituted for CPS exam

Program Content:

  Combined QA Programs *
QAT3  QA and Software Testing Basics 3  
QAT4  QA and Software Testing Basics Plus 4  
QAT5  QA and Software Testing Essentials 5  
QAT6  QA and Software Testing Essentials Plus 6  
QAT7  QA and Software Testing Advanced 7  
QAT8  QA and Software Testing Advanced Plus 8  
QAT9  QA and Software Testing Expert 9  
QAT12  QA and Software Testing Expert Plus 12  
QAT15  QA and Software Testing Complete 15